Hkrnl Policy: A Guide to Contractual Manpower Recruitment in Haryana

Hkrnl Policy
Hkrnl Policy

Hkrnl Policy,The Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam Limited (HKRN) is a crucial initiative by the Haryana government for managing contractual manpower recruitment in various departments. This article delves into the key aspects of HKRN policy, providing a comprehensive guide for both government departments seeking to hire contractual workers and potential candidates interested in these positions.

What is HKRN?

HKRN stands for Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam Limited. hkrnl It’s a state-owned corporation established by the Government of Haryana to streamline the recruitment process for contractual manpower across various government departments. This centralized system aims to ensure transparency, efficiency, and a skilled workforce for government projects.

Key Features of HKRN Policy

The HKRN policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for government departments to engage contractual employees. Here’s a breakdown of some key features:

  • Eligibility: HKRN caters to various contractual positions across departments, from skilled workers to clerical staff. Qualification requirements differ based on the specific position.
  • Registration: Individuals interested in contractual work through HKRN need to register on the official HKRN portal. The registration process involves creating a profile, uploading relevant documents (educational certificates, experience certificates, etc.), and specifying preferred work categories.
  • Recruitment Process: Government departments requiring contractual manpower submit requisitions to HKRN, specifying the number of positions, qualifications needed, and nature of work. HKRN then searches its registered candidate pool and shortlists individuals who meet the department’s criteria. Shortlisted candidates receive interview notifications through the portal.
  • Selection: Departments conduct interviews with shortlisted candidates and select the most suitable ones based on qualifications, experience, and interview performance.
  • Contract Duration and Renewal: Initially, contractual appointments are typically made for one year. However, departments can request extensions based on performance and project requirements. Contract renewals are subject to approval from the Head of Department (HoD) and the Finance Department. The maximum contract duration can be up to five years, depending on the experience of the contractual employee.
  • Wage Rates: HKRN establishes minimum wage rates for different categories of contractual workers. Departments are obligated to pay these wages or higher, based on the candidate’s experience and skills.

Benefits of the HKRN Policy

The HKRN policy offers advantages for both government departments and potential employees:

  • For Departments:
    • Streamlined Recruitment: hkrnl portal provides a readily available pool of pre-registered candidates, saving time and resources in advertising and initial screening.
    • Transparency and Fairness: The centralized system ensures a fair and transparent recruitment process, minimizing the risk of bias.
    • Skilled Workforce: HKRN registration allows departments to access a wider pool of qualified candidates, enhancing the quality of the contractual workforce.
  • For Employees:
    • Wider Opportunities: HKRN opens doors to diverse contractual positions across various government departments.
    • Simplified Application: The online registration process facilitates easy application and job search for potential employees.
    • Fair Compensation: HKRN ensures minimum wage standards for contractual workers, promoting fair compensation practices.

Considerations for Applicants and Departments

Here are some crucial points for both applicants and government departments to consider:

  • For Applicants:
    • Maintain an Updated Profile: Regularly update your profile with new skills, certifications, and experience to improve your discoverability for relevant positions.
    • Actively Apply for Jobs: Don’t solely rely on getting shortlisted through your profile. Actively search for open positions on the HKRN portal and apply for those that match your skills and interests.
    • Prepare for Interviews: Research the department and position you’re applying for. Prepare well for the interview to showcase your relevant qualifications and experience.
  • For Departments:
    • Clear Job Descriptions: Clearly specify job requirements, qualifications, and responsibilities in the requisition to HKRN. This ensures a more targeted candidate pool for efficient selection.
    • Timely Interview Process: Conduct interviews within a reasonable timeframe after receiving shortlisted candidates from HKRN to maintain candidate interest.
    • Performance Reviews: Regularly evaluate the performance of contractual employees to assess their suitability for contract extensions.


HKRN serves as a valuable platform for facilitating contractual manpower recruitment in Haryana. By understanding the policy’s features and benefits, both government departments and potential employees can leverage this system effectively.

Additional Notes (under 100 words):

  • This article provides a general overview of HKRN policy. For specific details and the latest updates, refer to the official HKRN.
  • The HKRN policy is subject to revisions.