Tech Burner: The Indian Tech YouTuber Who Never Bases His Content on Algorithms or Current Trends

Tech Burner The Indian Tech YouTuber Who Never Bases His Content on Algorithms or Current Trends


Tech Burner, aka Shlock Srivastava, is a popular Indian tech YouTuber who has amassed over 6 million subscribers since he started his channel in 2015. He is known for his engaging and informative content that covers a wide range of topics, from smartphone reviews to tech news and everything in between.

The Man behind the Channel

Shlock Srivastava was born in 1996 in Delhi, India. He completed his schooling at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, and went on to pursue a degree in Computer Science Engineering from the Vellore Institute of Technology. He started his YouTube channel, Tech Burner, in 2015 while he was still in college.

The Philosophy behind Tech Burner

One of the things that sets Tech Burner apart from other tech YouTubers is Shlok’s philosophy when it comes to creating content. He never bases his content on algorithms or current trends. Instead, he focuses on creating content that he is passionate about and that he thinks his audience will enjoy.

The Future of Tech Burner

Tech Burner has come a long way since its inception in 2015. With over 6 million subscribers and counting, it is one of the most popular tech channels on YouTube in India. Shlock has big plans for the future of the channel, including expanding into new areas of tech and creating more engaging and informative content for his audience.


Tech Burner is a shining example of what can be achieved when you follow your passion and create content that you truly believe in. Shlock’s philosophy of never basing his content on algorithms or current trends has resonated with his audience, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.